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ʻO MBY/MBYX Series Edge Drive Mill Gearbox

For edge-drive device of tube mill, NGC specially configures high performing MBY(MBYX) gearbox as the main drive device. MBY(X) series gearbox adopts modern gear design and manufacturing technology. Based on the harsh working conditions, low speed and heavy load, requirements like safety, reliability and long service life,the side drive gearbox is specially designed for cement and coal grinding.

Loaʻa i kahi manaʻo

Edge Drive Mill Gearbox

ʻO MBY/MBYX Series Edge Drive Mill Gearbox

MBY MBYX series rim driving mill reducers adopt the advantages of similar products in the United States, Japan, and Germany. According to the characteristics of the cement industries, such as low speed and heavy duty, high strength, and long service life, modern gear design technology has been applied. The rim driving mill reducer for the cement coal mill uses has been specially designed with the following performance characteristics: Adopt a unique modular approach, and the specifications of the main parts are few. To the same kind of nominal transmission ratio, various actual transmission ratios are for choices. And the scope of the application are follows:

It is mainly used for the rim driving mill reducer of the cement grinding mill. Due to the small size and convenient installation, it applies to equipment upgrading and technological innovation. It can be used in metallurgy, mining, and other industries.

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The transmission gearbox of the MBY series rolling mill adopts modern gear design and manufacturing technology, absorbs the advantages of similar products at home and abroad, and summarizes the experience of designing and manufacturing similar products at home. It is used in cement and other industries with low working conditions, low speed, oversized loads, safety and reliability, and long service life. Features such as edge conveyor mill drive gearboxes are designed explicitly for cement grinding, coal grinding, and other purposes. MBY series rolling mill transmission gearbox adopts single-stage reduction and is equipped with a particular oil station. All rolling mill transmission gears are hard-tooth surfaces, with an accuracy of more than Grade 6 (GB10095-88). The design reliability is high, and the design life is long compared with similar products at home and abroad. The utility model has the advantages of small volume, light weight, simple and beautiful appearance, simple operation, convenient maintenance, safety, reliability, long service life, etc.

Hale Pahu o Gearbox Hao hoolei, uwea papa kila
Gearset 1 Stage Hardened Helical Gears with Parallel Shaft
Nā hoʻonohonoho hoʻokomo Hoʻokomo ʻia nā kī paʻa paʻa
Nā hoʻonohonoho hoʻonohonoho Kaha paʻa paʻa paʻa
Nā koho nui
  • Kaha Auxiliary
  • Kahi Aila Lubrication
ana hoʻohālike
  • MBY400~MBY1100 (Ratio: i=4, 4.5, 5, 5.6, 6.3, 7.1)
    Output Shaft Diameter: 160~360mm
  • MBYX800~MBYX1000 (Ratio: i=4.5, 5, 5.6, 6.3, 7.1)
    Output Shaft Diameter: 280~320mm
mea hoʻonoho Kau kau papamoe
Lubrication & Cooling Lubrication Station

Nāʻano o Edge Drive Mill Gearbox

  • Carburizing and quenching treatment of tooth surface with above grade 6 accuracy
  • Hoʻoponopono i ka mālama
  • Both oil-sump and oil-free sump to fully meet requirements
  • Symmetrical design for both sides of the gear to be used
  • High reliability and long service life
  • The tooth root has been strengthened by shot peening and has a high bending strength of the tooth root.
  • Unique modularization method is adopted, with few specifications of main components.
  • The strength design of gears, shafts and boxes shall be unified and balanced.
  • Adopt segmented boxes to maintain good sustainability.

Nā kikoʻī o Edge Drive Mill Gearbox

ʻO MBY/MBYX Series Edge Drive Mill Gearbox

  1.  The oil leakage rate of the gearbox is low.
  2. The box goes through multifaceted machining and it has the advantages of strong rigidity.
  3. The gearbox use different bearings and it takes into account the reliability and economy of the product.
  4. Our company has advanced equipment such as Gleason forming gear grinding machine.

Application of MBY/MBYX Series gearbox

  •  The company's main products include: general gear units, industrial drive applications, non-standard gear units, gears and parts, covering rubber and plastics, mining, metallurgy, cement, ports, lifting, chemical, environmental protection, food and other industries
  • Our gearbox can be equipped with PVC/WPC foam board production line, PVC/WPC floor production line, PVC imitation marble board/profile production line, PVC wallboard production line, and WPC production line
  •  It is equipped with a parallel or tapered twin screw extruder or a single screw extruder, which can be used to make door and window frames, multiple sleeves, and decorative profiles.

ʻO MBY/MBYX Series Edge Drive Mill Gearbox

The inching drive is used as an auxiliary system for the main drive of large machines, such as ball mills, industrial kilns, conveyors or elevators. The purpose is to turn the equipment at a speed lower than the normal operating speed - typically 1 to 2 rpm, although fractional rpm is also common - and at high torque - typically 120% of the normal drive torque.
The inching driver consists of three main components: an electric motor or internal combustion engine, a gear reducer and a connecting element, which are used to automatically or manually engage the driven equipment. The use of an ke kaʻa uila or an internal combustion engine depends on the type of equipment being driven and the conditions under which the inching drive is used. For example, the kiln needs to rotate constantly. If the main power supply fails, the micro drive device with internal combustion engine can rotate the kiln without power. However, for most other types of equipment, the inching drive is mainly used for maintenance and repair operations. In these cases, motors are the more common choice because they provide positioning accuracy and good retention.

The mounting configuration of the micro actuator can be a parallel shaft, a concentric shaft or a right angle. Considering the space factor, the installation configuration is very important, but it also determines the type of gear reducer used in inching drive. Parallel shaft configuration mainly uses helical gear or double worm gear, although the worm gear is inefficient, it is usually selected only when self-locking is required. Concentric shaft designs also use helical gears, while right angle designs usually use a combination of spiral bevel gears and helical gears.
In addition to motors, gearboxes and mea hoʻopili, most inching drive systems have safety features, such as brakes or backstops, to prevent the drive from rotating when power is off, and to prevent the equipment from rotating when it stops in an unbalanced position.


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