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HB moʻo pahu pahu

H B series high-power reduction gear box is a new type of hard tooth surface reducer with a large speed range. It adopts modular design of unit structure, and can use a variety of installation forms. It can choose a variety of connection methods. It has a wide range of applications. The gear is made of good alloy steel after carburizing and quenching. It has high efficiency, long life, can withstand large axial force and radial load, low operating noise, high reliability, and compact structure.
The factory adopts a high rigid box with ribs, good alloy steel gears, and the gear surface is carburized and quenched, and the gear surface is grinded with high accuracy, so that the transmission is characterized by low noise, large bearing capacity, low energy consumption, high transmission efficiency, low temperature rise, and long service life.

Summary of basic types

Horizontal mounting position

  • Nā anakū uila Helical

Types MTH1…,MTH2…, MTH3…,MTH4…

  • Bevel-Helical gear units

Types MTB2…, MTB3…,MTB4…

Vertical mounting position

  • Nā anakū uila Helical
    Types ,MTH2.V, MTH3.V, MTH4.V


  • Bevel-Helical gear units
    Types ,MTB2.V, MTB3.V, MTB4.V


Characteristic of Gear Unit


  • The parallel shaft and quadrature shaft gearboxes adopt a new design, and their unique innovation lies in
  • The types of spare parts are reduced, while the specifications and models are increased;
  • The operation reliability is improved, and the transmission power is increased;
  • Flange type output shaft can be provided to make the gearbox meet the installation requirements in a narrow space according to (supplied according to user requirements).

ʻO keʻano hoʻonohonoho

  • The gearbox can be installed horizontally or vertically.
  • Other installation forms can also be used if required by the user.
  • Flange and torque support device for motor installation are standard configuration of the product

Noise characteristics of gears

  • Using the latest design ideas, the noise characteristics of gears can be completely improved through the following ways
  • Box structure with noise absorption
  • Adopt extra large tooth surface contact ratio

Gearbox heat dissipation
The gearbox not only has high transmission efficiency, but also has good heat dissipation performance, mainly through the following methods

  • Increase the surface area of the box
  • Large fan and new guide fan cover
  • The gearbox is selected according to the lower maximum allowable oil temperature. In this way, the reliability of equipment operation can be improved due to the longer oil change period, and the equipment maintenance cost can be reduced.

Gearunits Design

Types: H2…H4, B2…B4

Size: 1…26